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Queue the violin

12 Jan

I recently decided to drop my capstone class. It was a tough decision, propelled by the thought of being left out of my group and left to fend for myself. Call it a classic case of paranoia or preemptive thinking, unfortunately, I’m not the same way and if a group member was away like I was, I wouldn’t leave them high and dry.

Though, I’ve painfully learned over and over again that compassion does not fare well in the cut throat world of real life…

Time for the fun world of back story.

In November I was required to go to an orientation that would explain my capstone in great detail. What is this capstone you speak of… The capstone I speak of is basically the culmination of all my classes. It takes all the theoretical knowledge we have acquired in our time in the MBA program and has us apply it in a real life application.

So three weeks prior to the semester starting, I’m sitting in a room with 9 other people going over the requirements of this class and how it is different from any other class we’ve ever had. Having done my undergraduate degree at DeVry University, I was somewhat familiar with the capstone concept. Keller decided to take that and throw it out the window. Which, for a graduate school, should be expected.

The rough basics of what our capstone would entail was; we would start a company. The school would cover most of the legal expenses involved with this. I thought this was a fantastic idea. Then we were told since this is only an 8 week class, we would have to do work prior to class starting.

This is where I felt things were going to head downhill… I expressed to my group that I would be traveling for two of those weeks, and while I would be international, I’d still have email and even Skype.

While I was in the US, things went well, we emailed, I sent in two mediocre idea’s. The truth of the matter being, I didn’t want to try and cram out a good business plan and ground work for my business idea’s in a matter of a few weeks. So I figured I’d rather help someone else with their business and in the end, earn some capital by having theirs succeed…

As soon as I left for India all communication stopped. At first I didnt think of anything, but after a few days a dead line was missed, I felt it was time to talk to everybody, I shot out an email to one of my group mates, but never heard anything back. The thought that I had been ditched slowly crept into my head, but as it was my brothers wedding, the honest truth was, no fucks were given.

My goal was to be the most helpful brother possible and to have as much fun with family as possible. I’d like to think I succeeded.

When Arwa and I came back from India, I went through my spam folder in hopes that some how all the emails were spammed and I could explain to everybody what happened… It was not the case unfortunately. The following day we left for St. Maartin with the intent of moving her into her new place. This task was no little under taking, but we accomplished like seasoned movers.

I then decided to email my academic adviser and drop the capstone class. As much as I was looking forward to little sleep and the development of ulcers helping someone else bring a business up and running, I just didnt see it happening this block. So I dropped the class…

Now the question begs, what to do with this time?

I fully intend on teaching myself a language. It’s a matter of deciding, do I go with perl or php? Do I move to a windows platform and write windows code? Do I do some iOS coding? WHAT DO I DO???? and it is this ADD stricken situation that has left me completely perplexed…

Eventually I’ll blog about India…

First couple days back at SXM

04 May

Hello hello readers! So Sohail wrote up a beautiful intro to our blog. It is true that there will be times where this blog will be neglected (sorry blog) but we will try our hardest not to let such a horrible thing happen. However, I don’t know what he was talking about with the blog not being sappy and about how much we miss each other… that’s what my first post was going to be about but I guess not anymore. Nah, I wouldn’t do that to you guys. I suppose I should let you know that I am a very sarcastic person, so sometimes it may be difficult to distinguish the truth from my sarcasm. It’s probably a little something you’ll have to get used to…. or a little something I should get better with…. hmm… we’ll see which one happens first.

All the same, thanks for reading our blog and we hope you enjoy!

So I’m left home at 4:45am on Monday May 2nd to catch my 7:50am flight. Thank God we left early because security was craaazzyyy- all because of Osama’s death. I didn’t mind the extra security though, it’s better that way.

I grabbed an oily $3 croissant and a small $3 cup of orange juice at the airport… no, they were not spritzed with gold, though they should have been at the price I paid for ‘em.

So I take a taxi with 2 other friends from school and they both get dropped off at the same place and then I get dropped off at my place. The guys asks me for $25 at first, then says no i mean $15. I look at him like $15?? I asked him what the other 2 people gave him and he said $15 for the both of them and that his prices are for 2 passengers so even though it was just me getting dropped off at my place, I have to pay the price for 2 people. Hello?? I’m like half the size of a normal person and you’re asking me to pay for 2 people? Then he was like ok give me $10 and I was like that’s still a little unfair and then he gets all pissy and gets into his car. I knock on his window being like buddy, I want to pay you. So I gave him the $10 and rolled my bags away. I wasn’t trying to give him a hard time, but he started picking on me before I even got into the taxi about how I wanted to keep my backpack in my lap and that I’d somehow dent his ceiling in the process of getting up with the bag. Then I was talking to my friends about how it’s a bit of a walk from my place to campus and he butts in being like “ohh lazy lazy! you go to medical school, you should know that you need to burn off the cholesterol from all the good food you eat here because otherwise you’d gain weight”. I was like woowww… seriously? I’m not even talking to you. So on top of that interesting 5 minute ride, I left my phone in the back seat of the taxi. Wonderful.

I spent the rest of Monday just hanging out at my apartment and getting things in order. I took a nap and then got too lazy to unpack.

Yesterday was a productive day though. I registered for classes and then went to the business fair where local companies come to sell stuff and give out free stuff. I had to get a new phone and sim card so I did all that. I got free t-shirts with it that say “Get I.T.”. I told the lady that hubby would love that shirt so she let me grab one for him too :) . Then I got another free t-shirt, planner, and a pack of office supplies (sticky notes, tabs, and scotch tape) from office world. I even got an invite from this restaurant called Rendezvous for a complimentary scoop of gelato on a warm waffle with chocolate sauce and whipped cream — OMG sounds sooo yummyyyy!! So worth it to go to the business fair.

In the evening, a few friends and I went out for shawarma at Aldiwan’s and ice cream at Carousel (yes, there is a real carousel there). I behaved and didn’t get ice cream. This is coming from the same girl that would eat any sweets if they were in sight… so this no-ice-cream-eating was a big step for me. Ok so I snuck in a little sample spoon full. Don’t judge me.

Today was the first day of classes. I’m taking pathology I, physiology II, and medical microbiology. This is going to be an interesting semester. We didn’t do much today, but they’ll start throwing things at us soon…. like tomorrow.

There was a first semester mixer at 6pm and as I was walking out of my apartment, my complex manager comes out and is like “you’re a little devil aren’t you” and I’m thinking like what is this guy talking about. He tells me that the taxi driver found my phone and called the last number to call me, which happened to be my complex manager . The guy came and dropped off the phone, which I thought was really sweet. Accept that he tells my complex manager that if i hadn’t been so busy arguing with him over the taxi fare, I wouldn’t have forgotten my phone. Man, that guy was ripping on me. My complex manager called me “a little devil” because I argued with the dude. Too bad he had only heard 1 side of the story. And now I have 2 phones. Super awesome.

So then I proceeded to head out to the mixer and munched and mingled a bit, then came home. It was a good way to end the night.

Good night! <3

PS. I do miss hubby A LOT!